About NIA

The Nanjing Islamic Association (NIA) was founded in 1959, acting as an organized religious group for Muslims of all ethnic groups. It implements unified management of the city’s masjids as well as local Muslim affairs in Nanjing and accepts the instruction, supervision and administration of The Nanjing Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs and the Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau.

The mission of the Nanjing Islamic Association (NIA) is to assist the government in promoting and implementing China’s policy of religious freedom, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of Muslims from all ethnic groups, providing services for local religious life and bridging relations between local Muslims and the government.

The Nanjing Islamic Association seeks abundance in both this world and the Hereafter through exalting God and assisting the local community. In the spirit of peace and harmony, the NIA manages Islamic affairs independently and has devoted itself to the maintenance of religious harmony, ethnic unity and social stability.